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The Magician and the juggler

A juggler dies and goes to hell, and is being led to the pit of despair by the devil. In the hall they pass a door to a theatre, and when the juggler looks inside, he sees a magician performing magic to a crowd of beautiful women.

The juggler says to the devil “Hey what gives, why does the magician get to perform for gorgeous girls while I have to go get tortured??”

The devil replies “who are you to decide the fate of those women?”

Work and Magic

I love my job. I get to interact with some amazing people, share ideas and have some fun. I was lucky enough to be invited to a potluck being held by several teams, and the best part about it was that I didn’t have to bring any food! But they wanted me to sing for my supper, metaphorically. They wanted a magic show. I seem to be not only the company Agile Coach but the company Magician. No problem at all! What a great place to work! PointClickCare is amazing.

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