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Great thought experiment

When I was younger, and without a family of my own, I took some time between jobs and toured Europe. I flew into England and spent some time there, then I took the Eurostar Chunnel train to Paris. There I purchased a car, which was better than a daily rental, and drove to Luxembourg, France, Andorra, Spain and Italy. It was a great experience.

Today I was speaking with a friend at lunch and he mentioned that one of his goals was to work at a contract position and make enough money to take a year off and travel with his family. I don’t know why it didn’t strike me to do this before! What a great idea! I’ve always talked about taking my wife and son for vacations to see the places where I have been, and to go to places I haven’t. But how much time do we have to do that? A week or two at a time per year at most. Why not take advantage of the time and money we have while we can and go on a trip?

It’s a great thought experiment. Where would we go and for how long? Is a week enough time in Paris, or should it be three? I loved the Loire Valley in France, maybe we go there for 2 weeks before going further south. How much time in Germany or Italy? I’ve never been to Switzerland and would love to see the Alps, but what about New Zealand? How about a driving tour of the United States?

My career (or lack thereof) is simply a mechanism to allow me to enjoy a great life, and spending time with them is what makes my life great.

The Magician and the juggler

A juggler dies and goes to hell, and is being led to the pit of despair by the devil. In the hall they pass a door to a theatre, and when the juggler looks inside, he sees a magician performing magic to a crowd of beautiful women.

The juggler says to the devil “Hey what gives, why does the magician get to perform for gorgeous girls while I have to go get tortured??”

The devil replies “who are you to decide the fate of those women?”

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